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AOMORI–A police officer has developed a special spray enabling investigators to make more detailed copies of footprints left by criminal suspects in snow or sand.

Police hope the spray will help them track down and arrest more criminals who leave footprints.

The officer of the Aomori Prefectural Police works in the identification division.

About 20 prefectural police stations based in snowy regions or in areas with beaches are currently using the special spray.

For many years, detecting footprints in snow has been a bugbear facing prefectural police based in snowy regions. The reason being that when plaster of paris is poured onto snow to detect criminal footprints–as is done with prints in dirt–the heat of the plaster melts the snow, and the clarity of the footprint deteriorates.

Hardening the inner part of a foot imprint left in snow before plaster is poured into it is the brainchild of Kenji Kamita, 36, who is in charge of footprint identification in the criminal identification unit of the Aomori Prefectural Police Headquarters.

Initially, Kamita independently conducted a series of trial and error experiments using substances including wax. From December 2005, Kamita made progress in developing the spray in collaboration with a colleague working in the same unit of the Fukui Prefectural Police Headquarters.

In November 2007, their efforts bore fruit when they finally developed a ”snow-coating spray.”

Without any heat conduction, the spray’s advantage lies in it instantaneously solidifying, making identification easier.

Through use of the product, even the extent of wear and tear of shoes worn by suspects can be determined, regardless of shoe manufacturer or size.

Hearing about the spray, prefectural police in Tottori and Okinawa prefectures inquired if the spray could be used on sand, prompting Kamita to experiment again and to discover that the spray also aided identification of such footprints.

The Metropolitan Police Department has also started using the spray, sparking interest and use among police in prefectures around the nation.

Kamita continues to remain single-minded about providing support for criminal identification.

”In the future, I’ll improve and add more features [to the spray].” Kamita said. ”I want to increase the range of possibilities of criminal identification.”

Kamita attended an MPD meeting on Wednesday at which he gave a presentation highlighting the effectiveness of the spray to senior officials in charge of prefectural police headquarters.

(Feb. 6, 2009)
Källa: Yumiuri Shimbun

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